Dr. Neil Tessler, White Rock Homeopathic Clinic

The Basic Principles of Homeopathy

  1. Like cures like: The substance most effective in curing illness is one that is able to cause symptoms very similar to those found in the  person being treated.
  2. Symptoms indicate healing: Symptoms represent the body´s effort to heal itself.  Therefore, they are stimulated to complete the curative process.
  3. Homeopathic remedies are based on provings: Medicinal substances are given to healthy people in small doses to assess their physiological and psychological effects.  These "provings" continue until symptoms are elicited and the medicinal potential of the substance is revealed.
  4. Knowledge of medicines is refined by clinical application:Symptoms cured clinically that may not be found in the provings add to the knowledge of the remedy. 
  5. The totality of the symptoms is considered: Mental, emotional, and physical patterns are all taken into account as each person expresses imbalance through mind as well as body.
  6. A single remedy is given: One homeopathic medicine is chosen to match the totality of the patient's symptoms.
  7. A minimum of doses is given: The individual's healing powers are encouraged by the least amount of medicine necessary to initiate a curative response.