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6 Foods That Can Help Increase Breasts, Many modern women want to increase breast size. So I leave you here 6 foods that increase your bust, without scalpel!

Alfalfa sprouts: they are rich in different types of vitamins and hormones that help us eliminate stress. It is very good for breast enhancement.

Soy: Soy has phytoestrogens that simulate female hormones.

Carrots: Hard to believe, but carrots, in addition to being good for the eyes, can also lead to breast growth, as they stimulate the secretion of breast milk.

Pear: This fruit, in addition to being good for digestion and for treating constipation and other diseases, also contains many phytoestrogens.

Asparagus: This food is considered an aphrodisiac, in addition to improving mental quality and muscle strength (breast augmentation).

Sunflower seeds: they are good for heart, brain, immune system, prevention of aging, and breast enlargement.

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Three others foods that increase breast size

Forget the silicone. Women dissatisfied with the size of their breasts are able to increase them by following a diet rich in estrogen, the hormone responsible for female characteristics.

Increasing the amount of estrogen in the body causes it to return to characteristics similar to that of puberty, a time when women’s breasts develop. Thus, they can grow back. The result is not the same as surgery – they are unlikely to double in size – but it is visible and can give a visual lift.

Estrogen can be found in some foods, but there is one caveat. The consumption of caffeine (present in coffee, teas and soft drinks) can cancel the action of the hormone, and therefore it should be avoided. Check out some estrogen-rich foods:


Flax seeds are the most potent source of estrogen. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to eat between 30 and 50 grams of food per day. The seeds can be used in food preparation, salad or mixed with a glass of milk.


The intake of soybeans can be made through milk or other products made with the grain.


It is the third food on the planet in estrogen concentration.

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