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It is true that our body is made according to what we eat. But is what is on our plate so powerful as to say that there are foods to enlarge the breasts? If you are also looking for alternatives to make your breasts grow naturally, you must read this post. We will explain why people believe that some foods have this ability and whether it is really worth using them for this purpose.

What is the substance that can make the breasts “grow”?

According to people who believe this hypothesis, the secret of this “miracle” is estrogen. It is a hormone that both male and female people naturally produce. However, women’s bodies release a much larger amount of this substance.

During puberty, estrogen plays a very important role in the maturation of a woman’s body. Thus, he is considered the main responsible for the change in the size of the adolescent’s breasts.

The point is that, during puberty, the girl’s body is flooded with estrogen. In this way, it makes the body more curvy, makes the mammary gland increase in size, filling the breast and giving it the adult shape.

That’s why many people started to think: if estrogen during puberty makes your breasts grow larger, it means that it can have the same effect for adult women, right?

What is the role of estrogen in breast growth?

In fact, the answer is not that simple and does not follow such a direct reasoning. Experts say that what happens is that the breast has different stages of development.

Just before puberty, the bundles of breast ducts begin to subdivide and increase in size.

Then, over time, estrogen continues to work. However, as the body is already an adult, it begins to produce other types of transformations. They do not necessarily involve breast growth.

Therefore, what is scientifically known is that estrogen causes the breasts to grow at a specific stage of development. After this step, there is no evidence that it has the same effect.

What do Breast Enlargement Foods have to do with Estrogen?

Some foods have a slightly different version of this hormone. Therefore, several vegetables are important sources of phytoestrogens. It is a substance very similar to estrogen, only produced by plants.

In nature, there are some foods rich in phytoestrogens. They are:

1. Soy and its derivatives

Soy is always at the top of the numerous lists of foods that enlarge the breasts. The reason for this is simple: this small grain contains phytoestrogen substances, called isoflavones.

One of the main positive effects of these phytoestrogens is to reduce the symptoms of PMS. They are also recognized for preventing cardiovascular disease, breast and prostate cancer (in men), as well as for contributing to bone health.

In addition to the grain, it is possible to obtain these benefits with the derivatives of this food. Thus, including tofu, soy milk and other options on the menu contributes to women’s health.

2. Flax Seeds

These little seeds contain a type of phytoestrogen called lignans. However, they provide an immense amount of this substance: they are 379,380 mcg for every 100 grams consumed.

Flaxseed, or flax seed, can be used in everyday life in several ways. Nowadays, it is common to find it ground among the ingredients of products such as whole grain breads.

Other consumption options are to beat it with fruit vitamins or to put a portion of these seeds on salads. That way, it is easy to consume an adequate dose daily.

In addition to the large amount of estrogen, flaxseed provides other health benefits. It provides proteins, vitamins and minerals and is also a good source of Omega 3 and fiber. In addition, lignans are associated with cancer prevention.

Therefore, flaxseed is also always present in the list of foods that enlarge the breasts.

3. Dairy products

Some sources claim that dairy products also contribute to increasing the body’s estrogen levels. Some examples are cheese, milk, yogurt and butter.

4. Sesame seeds

One more seed enters the list of foods that enlarge the breasts. It is sesame, which became popular in the bread topping of a famous sandwich chain. It is also rich in lignans and offers 8008 mcg of phytoestrogens in each 100-gram serving.

Like flaxseed, it is very easy to add a daily dose of this food to salads. In fact, he manages to give this dish a special crispness. Another alternative is to mix it with savory pasta such as breads and pies.

Sesame is also widely used in Arab cuisine, as is Tahine. The latter is a paste made from this seed and is part of several recipes. It can also be consumed pure.

5. hummus

Still inspired by Arab cuisine, we have another source of estrogen: hummus or hummus. It is a paste made with boiled and squeezed chickpeas, which is then mixed with olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt.

Chickpeas, like soy, are rich in phytoestrogens. Therefore, it also helps to relieve PMS symptoms and helps to regulate the levels of this hormone in the female body.

The effect of estrogen-rich foods on the body

While these foods do have a proven effect on reducing menopausal symptoms, so far no one has been able to prove that they contribute to breast enlargement.

Although a group of women claim that they managed to enlarge their breasts by eating these foods, there is still no scientific consensus on this subject.

To date, there are no studies that show that these breast enhancement foods actually provide significant growth. Thus, the few changes observed were small and subtle.

Furthermore, it is not possible to determine whether it was the foods that actually caused these changes in size. Other factors may have contributed to this result without the person being aware of them.

Is it worth using food to increase breasts?

As you have noticed, there is no scientific evidence that this is an effective method. Therefore, consuming these foods because they benefit health is valid. However, it is not recommended to create the hope that they will have a miraculous effect.

Therefore, the only proven, definitive, safe and effective way to enlarge an adult woman’s breasts is to place a silicone prosthesis .

A breast lift is a quick and safe surgery, where the doctor places exactly silicone volume necessary to ensure a permanent result, proportional and natural.

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