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Before starting bodybuilding training on a regular basis, review your personal needs. Ask yourself: why did you choose strength training or supplement? Your training should be developed with this focus through cycles of 20 weeks and regular assessments every 5 weeks.

The goals

The answer will help you decide the form of training and the program to be adopted. You can strengthen yourself to do a particular sport or complement a weight loss program using strength training to tone your muscles.

General recommendations for fitness

We recommend that one of your main goals is to support your body weight when doing push-ups on the ground, push-ups on the fixed bar and dives on the parallel bars.

Being able to support your weight reveals that you can use your muscles in a functional way. Practical use for holding a 100 kg bench press is limited. The performance of several dives in the parallel bars, however, is a good indicator that you have a high level of muscular conditioning of the trunk (upper body) – a quality that influences the best way to use the muscles of the upper part of your body. body in daily activities (lifting a child, moving a piece of furniture).

Relieve PMS colic

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding weight training and the body is what the effect of this exercise is on the menstrual cycle. Many women have adopted the practice of exercise to help relieve menstrual discomfort, and there is no evidence that interrupting strength training during the menstrual cycle is of any benefit.

Good training can relieve premenstrual tension and decrease feelings of frustration and irritability. Any discomfort – cramping, heavy or light bleeding – should be brought to your doctor’s attention. Occasionally, simple prescriptions can put you back on track. While you can focus on just one goal (such as, aesthetics, preventing injuries, improving performance and mental and physical health, improving looks or quality of life), you can gain some additional benefits.

For example, getting stronger, in addition to improving your performance, leaves you less likely to suffer an injury. Now that you’ve decided what you want from your weight training program, let’s put it into practice!

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