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Hair Iron Tips for Damaged Hair

Damaged Hair

You don’t want to go bald before you start learning some hair iron tips for damaged hair, do you? Your hair’s shaft has a delicate structure that needs to be taken care of. Unless you use quality hair care products and flat irons, you need to be wary of things that might negatively affect it. Read on to learn the best thing you can do for your hair.

The Theory Behind Damaged Hair


According to experts, the hair shaft has an inner core and an outer coating. Moreover, the shaft can be divided into three separate layers: the cortex, cuticle, and medulla. Healthy hair strands have a uniform structure with smooth cuticles and medullas that are hollow and filled with air and water to enable the passage of light through them to give them a translucent center and a reflective external shine.

Excessive heat is amongst the most common things that can damage these layers. Your hair strands die from such exposure to heat and are already dead when they come out of your scalp. This results in hair falling out, looking bleak and burnt, and having a general look and feel of unhealthy hair.

When you over-apply heat to hair that is already dry from a hair styling tool, it can cause added dullness, breakage, dryness, and brittleness and strip hair of its natural oils and moisture. This causes your hair’s cuticles to dry and subsequently snap off.

Simply put, the secret to a safe way of straightening and styling your hair is using the proper hair styling tools and hair care products.

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Why Does Your Hair Need to be Dry Before Straightening It?

Your hair should be dry for a flat iron to work properly on it. Hair straightening tools use your hair’s natural moisture in order to create new hair styles. Hair irons that produce steam can help provide moisture while working, so they are unlikely to dry out hair. Also, putting a good heat protestant on your hair before you straighten or style it will keep it from smelling like burnt hair and help prevent heat damage.

The cells of burnt hair build up on a flat iron, and when they do, they stick to the hair and inflict even more damage. The only solution is to replace the flat iron as soon as you feel a kind of stickiness in your hair when you use it. This buildup on the flat iron’s plates, especially if they are made of ceramic, should not be ignored. Chemical damage to hair should also be addressed.

What Can Hair Treatments and Hair Color Do to Your Hair?

Damaged Hair

Highlights, treatments like re-bonding, and relaxants can sap the hair’s strands of their natural moisture and leave them brittle and dry. Most of them contain heavy duty chemicals that penetrate deep into your hair and demolish the scalp’s protective cover of the lipid layer, which is what keeps your hair glossy, hydrated, and nourished. Hair that has been repeatedly colored becomes less tolerant of straightening.

The loss of hair color is also exacerbated by the inappropriate temperature of the flat iron used. As people age, their hair becomes thinner and finer and their tolerance for heat reduces significantly. Younger, thicker hair can obviously handle breakage better than older, thinner hair. This may make people want to straighten their hair every day, which can cause a lot of hair to break.

Why Do Frizzy Ends and Bubble Hair Happen?

This mass hair breakage can make your hair develop frizzy ends after straightening as a result of hair sticking out after snapping off. Don’t allow this to become a vicious cycle. Use hair straightening tools only twice a week. Additionally, never ever straighten wet hair because it leads to so-called “bubble hair.” When you straighten wet hair, the water gets heated into steam (which is basically air) and becomes trapped inside the hair as a bubble.

Remember that water forms into steam at about 212 F (or 100 C) and most hair straightening tools have temperatures well above this one. Bubble hair will feel lumpy and rough and cause the hair to become brittle over time. Bubble hair is actually an abnormality of the hair’s shaft characterized by multiple spaces within the shaft that have become filled with air. Bubble hair is a result of thermal, or heat, injury.

Preventing Permanent Hair Loss

Persistent damage to your hair from excessive heat and chemicals can lead to permanent loss of hair. As Dr. Krant notes, you should never underestimate the kind of damage that can be inflicted by inappropriate heat styling tools and chemical-laden hair styling enhancers. The hair’s follicles can be scarred from the excessive heat emitted by hair styling tools, and your hair may not be able to recover from it.

Sticking to a tool like the CHI Original 1-inch Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron is one of the best ways to repair damaged hair. This tool is ideal for all of your styling needs because of its versatility to not only straighten hair but flip, crimp, and curl it as well. Its ceramic plate and coil give off moist heat while producing negative ions to seal your hair’s cuticles for the retention of your hair’s natural oils and moisture.

What Other Benefits Do You Get from the CHI Original?

Unlike other similarly-purposed flat irons, the CHI Original locks in the color of color-treated hair and prevents it from fading. The ceramic heat it emits will ensure penetration of silk molecules deep into your hair to keep it hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry. And because the CHI Original distributes heat evenly at all times while in use, you can be assured that there is no over-heating in some areas.

The CHI Original has a light-weight, ergonomic design that fits into any regular curling or flat iron station. This model’s 10 feet of heavy-duty electrical cord provides greater mobility for the user.

“Flash heating” is another great thing about it that saves you a lot of time when straightening or styling hair, which is very important for people who are always on the go.

To ensure that you prevent further damage to your hair, follow these hair iron tips for damaged hair and save your crowning glory.

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