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There is some controversy in this question, since it is a new field of research. This phenomenon of production of new neurons is called neurogenesis . Until recently it was believed that in adulthood neurogenesis no longer occurred.

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Why are neurons important?

Well, we know that they are very important, first of all for learning and memory , as we have said before. Scientists have found that if the ability of the adult brain to produce new neurons in the hippocampus is blocked, then we block certain memory skills. This feature can be seen especially in the visual visual recognition, for example to walk the streets of our city, or to find where we have parked our car in a parking lot of a shopping center. Well, new generation memory is very important, connected to these new neurons.

Another important discovery about neurogenesis is the relationship that occurs with mood, and more specifically with depression . In animal research scientists have been able to observe that, in depressive animals, there is a lower level of neurogenesis. But if they were given antidepressant medications, they observed that the production of these new neurons was increased and, simultaneously, the symptoms of depression were reduced. The link between neurogenesis and depression has been established in this way. On the other hand, if the researchers simply artificially blocked the new production of neurons, then the efficacy of the antidepressant drug was also blocked.

Meals that increase neurogenesis

*Restricting the level of calories ingested between 20 and 30% *increases neurogenesis.
*Intermittent fasting
*Increase the time between meals.
*Flavonoid intake: found in bitter chocolate and blueberries.
*Omega 3 fatty acids: blue fish.
*Meals that need to be chewed.

Meals that decrease neurogenesis

*Food rich in saturated fats.
*Alcohol consumption
*Soft drinks

Increase neurogenesis

*Exercise, especially run

Decrease neurogenesis

*Lack of sleep
*Get older

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