Homeo Remedy

Homeopathic Natural Treatment


Our office integrates classical homeopathy with dietary, nutritional, herbal and counseling therapy. Classical homeopathy is our featured method as we regard homeopathy as the best way to get to the root imbalances that effect both body and mind.


It is a goal of this practice to make quality natural health care accessible to all. Our fee policy has been and will remain flexible according to circumstance. Payment is expected at the time of services, though time payments may be arranged. Most extended health plans will cover a portion of your visit fee. Patients on MSP Premium Assistance receive a set reimbursement.

The initial homeopathic interview is a lengthy process that may also require study and research after hours. Follow-up visits are modest, and over the long term, by comparison with other professional practices, you will find that homeopathic treatment is very reasonable. GST is payable on all fees.

General Services:

$60.00 per half hour
Brief visits including acute care:$20 – $35
Dispensing fee between visits:$5.00


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30 – 7:00. Closed for lunch from 1:00 until 3:00.
Saturday 9:30 – 5:00
Closed – Sunday, Monday & Thursday.
Evening and early week appointments may be available according to circumstance.

Keeping in Touch:

If any problem arises regarding the health of you or your child, we would like you to call us, even if it is something different from the problem for which you originally visited. Many acute problems such as fevers, ear infection, infectious diseases and injuries, can be helped homeopathically. The excessive reliance on antibiotics is a cause of chronic health problems, that may weaken rather then enhance immunity. You can be sure that standard medical methods will be advised when it is appropriate.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns. Phone messages are forwarded to Dr. Tessler’s email.

Courses and Lectures:

Periodically we run introductory, first aid and home care courses, as well as meditation classes. Let us know if you are interested. Dr. Tessler is also available to speak to groups that may be interested in the subject of homeopathy and natural medicine.

Home Care Kits:

We offer to our clients a kit of forty-two homeopathic remedies for the home management of many routine health problems. This is especially useful for families, and is extremely handy for late night, vacations and many other situations where contacting the office may be inconvenient.